Javascript Stopwatch Demo by Robert Giordano

No Flash, No Layers, No Plugins, Mac / PC compatible (in 1999!)

Start: Click the Start/Stop button on the watch itself.
Stop: Click the Start/Stop button again.
Reset: Click Stop if the timer is running, then click Reset.

"This is one of the first things I ever built with Javascript. I built it in July 1999 as an experiment. It uses a number of transparent GIFs and some simple Javascript to produce a functional and accurate stopwatch.

I used a flatbed scanner to scan the watch I was wearing, a Casio DW-285. That watch held up remarkably well at the welding shop where I worked. I simply cut the image into pieces and arranged the pieces in tables. The digits are being swapped by Javascript functions the same way any rollover image is swapped. Since there is no DHTML or layers, It wasn't too hard to maintain compatibility between Windows and Mac, IE and Netscape 4.

What I learned from this project: simple is usually best."

- Robert Giordano


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