Robert Giordano This is the personal site of Robert Giordano. It is not meant to be any great achievement in itself but is merely a digital resume of sorts. At the moment, there is minimal content. Robert is quite busy with many other things and will add to these pages at some point. Don't hold your breath. If you're bored, visit his blog.

Robert's ambition is to learn and create. There are only so many hours in a day and since Robert does not deny himself the simple pleasures of sleeping, eating, and socializing, the process of learning is never complete. In fact, he once estimated that he would need to live 187 years, 2 months, and 15 days in order to acquire all of the knowledge he seeks. He now realizes that he was way off.

As a child, Robert dismantled the appliances in his parent's home. Remarkably, they were working again in time for dinner. In high school, he spent many hours in class, drawing detailed sketches of things that had nothing to do with the class. Outside of school, he worked in garages or welding shops and acquired a taste for industrial design. In college, Robert began as an engineering major but switched his major to fine art in his third year. Photography became his focus and immediately after finishing college, he worked for a city newspaper and then for several magazines. Never losing interest in photography, Robert also worked for several web design companies where he was able to put his other talents to use. Realizing that the only way to achieve his dreams was by becoming an entrepreneur, Robert started his own company, Design215 Inc. in 2003.

On the projects page you'll find links to Robert's current, upcoming, and past projects. When investigating these sites, please pace yourself. Don't try to do too much at once or you could become disoriented. If dizziness persists, contact your physician. Use only as directed.

Models Wanted
Robert is looking for models for upcoming art projects. No money is involved but you will receive a CD or prints from the shoot. This is commonly known as TFP. If you need pictures for your portfolio, this is an excellent opportunity to work with a professional photographer whose work is exhibited in galleries and appears in national publications. All models must be 18 or older.

Investors Wanted
Business partners and/or investors are needed for some of the upcoming projects listed on the projects page. Money alone will not be enough. Robert is looking for individuals with marketing skills and internet experience that can help turn these ideas into successful endeavors. If any of the listed projects appeal to you and you think you can help, please contact Robert through any of the links on the contact page.