Current Projects

Robert Giordano's Photo of the Day
Robert Giordano's personal blog. An eclectic collection of images and ponderings that may or may not have any relevance to anything.
Linkatopia is a social bookmarking site. What sets Linkatopia apart from the others is its clean design, intuitive interface, and complete control over your privacy. Share some of your links with the world, create a friends list and share some links with only your friends, and keep other links just to yourself. You can organize your links with tags and you can set the privacy level of each tag.
High Definition Time Lapse Films
Robert Giordano produces amazing, high definition (1920 x 1080) time-lapse films. Shot for a variety of applications including television advertising, music videos, construction, and tourism, these short films have to be seen on a big screen to be fully appreciated. Robert invites advertising agencies, production companies, record labels, construction companies, and tourism boards to contact him.
Commercial web design and photography business. Design215 will professionally photograph your products and create a custom web site to showcase them. Design215 also offers flat art photography, archival and giclee printing.
Artwork and photography by Robert Giordano. View fine art images from the "Digital Solarization" and "Rust" series as well as black and white portraiture, fashion, and travel photography.
A site dedicated to the gothic stories of Edgar Allan Poe. It contains summaries, quotes, and full text of Poe's short stories, a Poe timeline, and image gallery. Stories have linked vocabulary words and definitions for educational reading. Edgar Allan Poe is one of Robert's favorite authors.
HTML chat and instant messaging solution, invented by Robert Giordano in 2001. PULPchat does not use Java or any plugins and is compatible with almost any browser, even on mobile phones. As of 2005, PULPchat delivered an average of 70,000 messages per day, per server, for hundreds of web sites around the world.
Chat Slang Dictionary
Chat room slang and acronyms, compiled by Robert Giordano. Appearing near the top of most search engine results when searching for "chat slang", this page is the most often cited and most visited resource for chat room slang on the internet. Updated Regularly.
ASP Translator
Free online tool to convert ASP code to PHP, created by Robert Giordano. The ASP Translator is used daily by web developers all over the world. It is the one client-side solution listed on

Upcoming Projects
A site designed to raise public awareness of the dangers of driving while using a cell phone. The site will list various safety concerns, which states and countries have laws against cell phone use while driving, and the results of any studies that have been done. The site will also have a "hall of shame" gallery where visitors can submit photos of people who are using their cell phones while trying to drive.
The site will be a photographic journey along U.S. Highway A1A. Robert will start in South Miami Beach, Florida, where A1A begins, and head north, taking a photo every few miles. Visitors will be able to zoom in on various maps and see photographs of almost any location selected. A1A is a very scenic route that runs along the east coast of the United States. There are many historical sites and other points of interest along this road. Much of A1A in Florida has already been photographed by Robert and he is awaiting some funding for additonal trips further north.

Past Projects

1999 Javascript Stopwatch Demo
Rob's fully functional stopwatch written entirely in Javascript.